A Perfect Look

Once in a while you just get lucky. I had an idea for a shoot that involved a crazy dress, white hair way up in the air, and flowers. I had a very particular idea about the dress, and about the model. Well, everything just fell into place shooting Agate. I sent a dress reference to the stylists, Ramona Lazda and Linda Akmenlauka, and they said that they had exactly the dress that I was looking for. Exactly. I was stunned when I saw the photos. I'm used to working with stylists who kinda-sorta are able to find something that's more or less is in the ballpark, but this was exactly right. I also wanted a model who was very pale, with very long, very light hair, and big blue eyes. When I saw Agate's portfolio, I knew that she had to be the one.

Well, everything went perfectly with the shoot and the photos came out about as well as I could have hoped. As a matter of fact, one of the photos was chosen by Emily Soto for an Editor's Choice award on 500px.com. That's not too bad given that the site has about 10 million active monthly users. Emily has been a huge inspiration to me for a very long time and I follow her work regularly. There are very few photographers in the world, if any, that I would choose to have recognize my work as worthy of any kind of award. I think I was jumping up and down like a little kid for about an hour after I got the news!